My daughter and her friends absolutely loved their makeovers

Mrs B, Balham

All the girls were totally enchanted

Mrs O, Sevenoaks

Princess Emma was so engaging - the girls loved her

Mrs L, Maidenhead

Couldn't believe how captivated the girls were

Mrs L, Croydon

The girls loved Fairy Fawn. Totally enchanted

Mrs K, Balham

Everyone loved Princess Emma and her beautiful gown

Mrs M, Surrey

Emma was so helpful before and during the party. The girls love her!

Mrs J, Nottingham

Girly and wonderful. Fairy Fawn was enchanting

Mrs S, Tooting Beck

The girl's celebrity makeovers were excellent. Very happy

Mrs H, East London

The girls and my daughter couldn't stop talking about Fairy Fawn afterwards

Mrs J, Brighton

The girls adored Princess Emma and were so well behaved

Mrs H, London

The mums raved about how enchanted the girls were. Thank you Fairy Fawn

Mrs H, York

Fairy Fawn was excellent. All the girls were so calm and enthralled

Mrs M, Nottingham

My daughters and their friends loved their makeovers

Mrs G, Derby

Princess Emma was so great with the girls from start to finish

Mrs A, London

Fairy Fawn was loved by everyone - especially me!

Mrs A, Mill Hill

The makeovers were excellent.

Mrs C, Surrey

Fairy Fawn was amazing! The girls absolutely loved her

Mrs F, Sailsbury

Wouldn't hesitate to recommend Fairy Fawn to anyone.

Mrs F, Altrincham

Our twin girls and all their guests loved Fairy Fawn. She was so engaging

Mrs R, Surrey

So glad we found Fairy Fawn before anyone else in may daughter's the class! Magical party

Mrs D, Hemel Hempstead

Couldn't believe how quiet all the girls were. Princess Emma is definitely magic

Mrs K, Surrey

I don't know how Fairy Fawn kept them truly entertained the whole time. Enchanting!

Mrs D, Essex

Princess Emma's party was the best anyone has ever been to - every mum was amazed

Mrs S, Ipswich 

Princess Emma was charming and captivating

Mrs E, Earls Court

Every mum commented on how great Princess Emma was

Mrs L, Birmingham

Really well organised Princess Party - thank you so much!

Mrs P, Wembley

Would definitely recommend The Party Fairy

Mrs M, Croydon

My daughter loved her makeover party, as did her friends!

Mrs K, Harrow

Very well organized and chilled party - a big YES to The Party Fairy!

Mrs J, Sevenoaks

My daughter and all her friends loved Fairy Fawn

Mrs G, St Albans

The Party Fairy was a godsend! The calmest party we have ever had!

Mr L, Cambridge