The Fairy Party

Frequently asked questions

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Why book The Party Fairy?

Simple - Fairy Fawn will take the hassle and stress out of your pre-party planning and provide a special day for your daughter and her guests. She has been providing Fairy Parties for over seven years and knows just how important a birthday really is to you, your guests and of course the birthday girl. As soon as your booking request reaches me here in the Enchanted Woods I will call you back so we can spend time planning your daughter's celebrations.

What happens at The Fairy Party, Fairy Fawn?

The party is based around the idea of "Fairy Training". I take the children under my wings and guide them through their tasks in hope that they will all pass and receive their wand, certificate and bag of fairy magic at the graduation ceremony. Each guest also receives a glittery fairy make-over. Prizes and party bags are provided.

How many guests can I invite?

If your fairy party is at home I can entertain up to 15 guests. If you think your party will exceed this number then I will need the help of Fairy Lily. She kindly lets me discuss a quote with you on her behalf.

Is The Fairy Party suitable for under 4's?

Not really. However, I do understand if little sister wants to join in!

Can boys come?

As much as I would like them to be there, I find that sometimes they don't want to join in on the day. We can discuss this on the phone though.

Anything else I should know?

I usually arrive 20 minutes before the fairy party in order to quickly set up and more importantly chat to the birthday girl (who I realise might be a bit shy – I soon change that!). If you would like me to make a surprise entrance this can be arranged.

What are the Fairy Party fees?

2 hours of entertainment for up to 15 guests will cost £250.

£50 is payable as a deposit by cheque and the outstanding balance is payable on the day of the party by cheque or cash.

Depending on your location there may be a travelling fee.

Can you come to the party, Fairy Fawn?

I hope so! Click on Book Now.

Are you a real fairy, Fairy Fawn?

How dare you?!